Peak Design is Back on Kickstarter. This Time it’s a Travel Line!

peak design travel line backpack

Peak Design’s New Travel Line Appears on Kickstarter!

I just noticed a few days ago that Peak Design is back on Kickstarter with a new line of products.

This time they’re letting down the camera tone a bit and focusing on “travel”.

Of course being a Peak Design product, you can use it with the new camera cubes and carry gear that you couldn’t with their existing Everyday Backpack.

They’ve developed new pouches and packing cubes to go along with the backpack.

But personally, my focus is on the backpack.

peak design backpack travel line


What I liked about the new bag:

  • The handle on the back lets you carry the bag like a duffel and also allows docking with a suitcase
  • Easy access to the laptop compartment which is a must when going through security at airports
  • Water bottle holder on the side
  • Outer pocket that fits books and magazines
  • Quick access pocket which is a must nowadays

peak design backpack travel line

What I’m a little worried about:

  • Whether the bag stands on its own. It looks like it can but the bottom looks like it has an angle and not completely flat
  • The straps seem to be far apart around the shoulders so I’m worried that they might slip off my narrow shoulders
  • The straps on the Everyday Backpack would loosen up and I had to adjust the length of the strap more often than I wanted to.
    This has to be improved with this bag and it would be awful if it wasn’t


I deliberated and deliberated more and in the end, I gave in

The Wandrd Carryall Duffel that I backed last year has only been used once and is just lying there in my room.

I also have the Aer Duffel Pack in my arsenal (I recently replaced the black one that I had with the Camo version).

Given that bag situation, I had to really think about whether I should be backing this Peak Design Travel Line Backpack project.

I actually canceled my pledge once already.

But just now, I submitted another order to back the backpack again.

I wanted to see the improvements Peak Design made to their backpack series, that was reason number one.

I also wanted something to look forward to for the Christmas season (the bag is scheduled to be shipped in December), that was reason number two.

Couldn’t resist the temptation.


The Peak Design Travel Line Kickstarter ends September 21, 2018

This is one of the few opportunities to get Peak Design products at a discount.

They also ship to Japan (shipping is 30 USD).

The Peak Design Travel Line Kickstarter can be found here.

I can’t wait for the bag to arrive!


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