WANDRD PRVKE 21 Review – Cool Looking Backpack That’s Fun to Use


I’m Currently Using the WANDRD PRVKE 21 As My Main Backpack

I love backpacks.

There’s a ton of them lying around in my apartment.

In the past, I’ve reviewed backpacks like the Arcteryx Arro, Peak Design Everyday Backpack, Aer Fitpack/Duffelpack, etc.

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack was a great bag that I really liked, but I may have found one that I like even more.


And that is the WANDRD PRVKE 21.

I got this backpack about a half a year ago and have been using it pretty much every day since.

That’s how much I like it.


Here’s a quick rundown of the aspects that I like about the bag:

  • Design (nice and black, I like black)
  • Feels good on the back
  • You can keep it sleek when you’re not carrying much but you can fill it up when you need to (benefits of the rolltop)

Yes, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack also covers these points, but I think the WANDRD does it a little better.


Let’s take a deep dive into the WANDRD PRVKE 21!



The WANDRD PRVKE 21 has a military-like (especially the straps) techy-ish kind of vibe to it, but the all-black coloring gives it a street-look which I think is pretty cool.

wandrd prvke 21 on back

You could probably use it with a suit, and have no issues with business casual.

I use it every day for commute cause I mostly wear casual clothes to work nowadays.

The waist straps (sold separately) are detachable so they don’t get in the way when you’re not using them.

Because the WANDRD PRVKE 21 was designed with photo enthusiasts in mind (like the Peak Design Everyday Backpack), it’s a highly functional backpack.


PC Compartment

The bag has a dedicated laptop compartment so it’s easy to access your laptop.

This obviously comes in handy at work and places like the airport when going through security checks.

wandrd prvke 21 pc compartment

It easily fits the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon.

I personally don’t use it but it has a smaller pocket for things like the iPad.

You can also fit documents that aren’t that thick so I keep a few docs in there for work.

wandrd prvke 21 pc compartment open


Main Compartment

The main compartment is a roll-top situation that you can adjust depending on the amount of load you’re carrying.

wandrd prvke 21 clip

I don’t carry much so I keep it sleek and compact most of the time.

But when I want to carry something like a jacket, I can roll up the top and massively increase the bag’s capacity.

You also lose the looks, but that is a sacrifice you’ll have to take!

wandrd prvke 21 roll top

wandrd prvke 21 roll top full

There are a lot of bags that offer capacity, but what good is capacity if you can’t get to the content when you need it?

Especially the stuff towards the bottom of the bag that’s hard to reach?

wandrd prvke 21 side access

What I like about the WANDRD PRVKE the most is its side access.

One side of the bag has a flap that allows access to the main compartment.

Similar to the Everyday Backpack’s side pocket, you can access the main compartment while carrying the bag on one shoulder.

It’s a little cumbersome to access the main compartment from the roll-top so I usually do it through the side-access.


The bag also has a bottle holder.

It doesn’t have a strap like the Aer Duffelpack that prevents bottles from dropping, but the elastic band holds the bottle pretty tight so I’ve never had it fail me just yet.

wandrd prvke 21 water bottle

Open up the zipper for wider bottles.

wandrd prvke 21 water bottle 2


The main compartment is accessible from not just the roll-top and side flap, but also from the PC compartment.

The PC compartment opens up wide and the main compartment is accessible from there.

wandrd prvke 21 main

wandrd prvke 21 main compartment access (2)

This functionality is intended for the camera enthusiast and the full potential of it can be appreciated when used in conjunction with the Camera Cube (sold separately).


The Camera Cube allows you to divide the main compartment into sections to store cameras, lenses and other gear.

Using the optional straps, you can set up a workstation in front of you which could be useful when you have something to take care of while standing up.


Quick Access Pocket

The WANDRD PRVKE 21 has a quick access pocket on the top of the bag.

wandrd prvke 21 quick access pocket

This is super helpful and I use it to store my headphones.

The quick access pocket is becoming a necessity for town use bags.

All the great bags have them (the Aer FitPack/DuffelPack have awesome ones too).



Hidden Pocket 1

Towards the topside of the WANDRD PRVKE 21, there is a hidden pocket for keys and small items.

wandrd prvke 21 quick hidden pocket

I use it when I want to stash away my house keys when I’m traveling but don’t use it much otherwise.


Front Pocket

The WANDRD PRVKE 21 has a large flat front pocket that I use to store a notebook, pen and business cards.

wandrd prvke 21 quick front pocket

This pocket is also easily accessible so it’s useful when I want to stick my hand in and grab my notebook on the fly.


Hidden Pocket 2

There is a hidden pocket on the backside of the bag, perfect for passports.

wandrd prvke 21 quick back pocket

I put my Bellroy Passport Wallet in there.

You kind of feel it on your back but you’ll get used to it and isn’t that big of an issue.



The straps are wide and well padded and I find them very comfortable.

wandrd prvke 21 quick back

The distance between the straps towards the shoulders isn’t that far apart so I have no issues with the straps falling off my shoulders.

I have very sloping shoulders and have issues with straps that are placed far part from one another towards the shoulders.

I like how there is a loop towards the end of the adjustment straps so they’re easy to pull on.

You can also carry the bag handheld using the hand straps which are magnetic.

wandrd prvke 21 strap



The zippers are rather small but they are holding up well so far.

They glide smoohtly too.

wandrd prvke 21 zipper

The zipper tabs of the PC compartment have loops on them that are super useful for easy opening.


Options (Strap/Rain Cover)

WANDRD PRVKE 21 has other optional items other than the Camera Cube, like:

  • straps
  • rain cover
  • waist strap

wandrd prvke 21 options

wandrd prvke 21 options strap

The straps are pretty useful.

Attached horizantally, you can attach things like skateboards to the backpack.

wandrd prvke 21 rain cover

I thought the rain cover would come in handy and have it with me but I’ve never actually used it.

The waist straps are pretty beefy and I’ve never used them either.

wandrd prvke 21 rain cover pocket

The straps and rain cover can be tucked away in a pocket on the bottom of the bag.

By carefully adjusting the placement of the items in that pocket, the bag will stand on its own even without a laptop inside it.

The tip here is to fold the raincover so that it isn’t entirely flat.

What’s good about the WANDRD optional parts is that they can be used with the other WANDRD bags.

wandrd carryall

I also got the HEXAD CARRYALL DUFFEL which I’ll be reviewing soon!



wandrd prvke 21 backpack

The WANDRD PRVKE 21  is a perfect fit for me considering its design and usability.

I was worried about how the tarpaulin would look after use but it looks fine as of now.

The bag doesn’t have a lot of pockets (relatively speaking) and doesn’t have gimmicks like pen holders for small items.

So you have to think about how to strategically place things and I feel a level of accomplishment when I get things right.

It is such a fun backpack to use!

wandrd prvke 21 backpack side

I’ve received some compliments from people (all guys so far) about the design of the bag so it’s clear that guys dig it.

The 21 liter isn’t that big of a bag so I personally think it’s great for girls too.

I’m pretty sure this is going to remain my main backpack for a long time!


How to Buy the WANDRD PRVKE 21

I have yet to see it sold in Japan so the best option is to get it directly from the WANDRD website.

They ship directly to Japan!



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