WANDRD VEER 18L – Review

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A packable backpack that makes trips more fun!

The WANDRD VEER 18L that I got on Kickstarter arrived about a month ago so it’s time for a review.

WANDRD is a brand that I personally like and I’ve reviewed the PRVKE 21 andHexad Carryall Duffel in the past.

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The WANDRD VEER 18L is the newest release from WANDRD and it’s a packable backpack perfect to bring along on trips.

The way I would use it would be to stuff it into a suitcase until I get to my destination and use it as a get around backpack once I get there.

Because it’s a packable backpack, making it lightweight and low profile as possible has been prioritized in its design and material selection.

The backpack has WANDRD like unique features that make it a special packable backpack.

Some of the reasons that I got the backpack:

  • Design (I think the all-black coloring looks pretty cool)
  • Folds up nice and compact to fit into suitcases
  • Easy access pocket that will make it convenient to use
  • Side access into the main compartment, which would make it useful as a city backpack
  • Capacity of 18L that is not too big, not too small

Let’s deep dive into the WANDRD VEER 18L!


Design and Pocket Layout

The WANDRD VEER 18L has a military, techy like feel to it but it also has a street-like vibe to it that I think is pretty cool.


The straps have rubber bands on them to prevent adjustment straps from dangling.

These thoughtful design choices are always welcome.

Even though the VEER is a packable backpack, it comes packed with functionality because WANDRD bags are made with camera enthusiasts in mind.


Main Compartment

The main compartment is accessible from the side and the top.

As with the WANDRD PRVKE 21, I personally like backpacks that give you side access.


You can get into the backpack without putting the bag down.

The side access on the VEER is on the left side so you would keep the shoulder strap on your left shoulder as you bring the backpack around in front of you.

Keeping the strap on my right shoulder comes naturally to me so there is some getting used to.

There is a water bottle holder on the right side of the backpack.

It doesn’t have a strap like the Aer Duffelpack to prevent bottles from falling, but the pocket holds bottles pretty snug so it doesn’t look like they would be falling out easily.

The VEER doesn’t have a dedicated laptop compartment so they would be going into the main compartment.

The backpack fits the MacBook 13 inch easily.

However, the backpack is made out of thin material that does not give the bag structure, so if you put something heavy inside the bag, it becomes uncomfortable to carry around.

Furthermore, the bottom of the bag has zero cushioning so you have to be careful when putting the bag down with a laptop inside.

You can use the optionally available inflatable camera cube if you want to carry around cameras with the VEER.

At the end of the day, the VEER is not the backpack you want to be using to carry heavy items like laptops.

I think it would work best with things that you want to carry around when you are at your vacation destination; sweaters, jackets, raincoats, snacks, etc.


Easy Access Pockets (Top and Front)

The WANDRD VEER 18 has quick access pockets on the top and in front of the bag.


These pockets are perfect for small items like earphones and sunglasses.




The straps have basically zero cushioning to make them light and packable.


They have sufficient width so they aren’t too bad regardless of the lack of cushioning.

The bag itself is made of thin material and has no structure so it will become uncomfortable to carry if you have anything heavy in the bag.


Inflatable Back Cushion

One of the interesting features of the WANDRD VEER 18 is its inflatable back cushion that comes with the backpack.


To inflate the cushion, you loosen the valve and blow air into the cushion.

The cushion then goes into a dedicated pocket to absorb pressure against the back area.

I think it makes carrying the bag a little more comfortable, but nonetheless it is an interesting and fun idea.



The zippers are relatively small but it doesn’t seem like they will be breaking soon.


The side zipper has clips that act as a non-theft feature.

The zippers glide pretty smoothly.


Packable Feature

The main feature of the WANDRD VEER 18 is that you can fold it into a pouch size.


The trick is to fold it without worrying too much about breaking the bag.

You can fold the bag in 20 seconds or so once you get used to it.



  • Camera cube
  • Lens case

These items are sold separately.

They are both inflatable types like the back cushion, but I ended up not getting them.



The WANDRD VEER 18L is probably one of the best packable backpacks in the market.

The best use case would be to pack it in a suitcase and use it as a get around backpack once you get to your destination.

It would also be a great backpack to take to the beach or other light leisure activities.

I’m definitely going to be taking it with me on my next trip!


How to Get the WANDRD VEER 18L

I have yet to see it sold in Japan so the best option is to get it directly from the WANDRD website.

They ship directly to Japan!



2 Responses to “WANDRD VEER 18L – Review

  • When will you review the brown buffalo bag? I thought it would’ve come out sooner than later. Also did you buy it and have it shipped to Tokyo or did you get it from one of their pop-up shops? Thanks in advance

    • I have been kicking the can down the road with the Brown Buffalo bag, cause I like the bag so much a short review won’t do it justice.

      But now that I know that there is someone waiting for it, I’m gonna do it sooner than later!!!

      If you’re asking about the VEER, I got it on Kickstarter and yes, I had it shipped to Japan.

      I usually just buy direct from the website and have them ship it to Japan.
      It ends up being cheaper than buying it in Japan, in most cases.

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