Personal Best Buy of 2016!! whattodotomorrow Award

2016 whattodotomorrow award

Two More Days remaining in 2016

2016 was another year of buying alot of things

To summarize 2016 up, I gathered my personal best buys of the year.

The metrics I used to decide which items to include were:

  • satisfaction
  • frequency of actual use

I considered these factors as a whole to choose my best buys and I made sure I only included the best of the best.

I just want to give a shout out to the people who visited my website this year.
Thank you so much and may 2017 be a year for more fun things!


2016 whattodotomorrow Best Buys
2016 Best Buy with explanations

Vans Vault x Horween Leather Sk8 Hi

These are Vans Sk8 His that are made out of Horween leather which were released on December 10.
Horween leather is the leather that’s used on Alden shoes.
I wanted these kicks so much that I imported 2 pairs in different colors.
They are gorgeous, like leather jackets for your feet.
I’m wearing these everyday, rotating between Black and Timber.


Adidas Ultraboost Uncaged

These are the uncaged versions of the Ultraboost.
Looks good, feels good.
I got these in different colors too.
Wearing them barefoot would make the shoes smell but I figured out that if you take the insoles out, they won’t.
I was wearing these kicks everyday during the summer.


Travelpro FlightCrew 5 Rollaboard

I was so excited when this carry-on was released.
Frankly speaking, no other 22 inch carry-on can beat the FlightCrew 5 in terms of cost performance.
The King of Carry-on Bags.
The crown will remain with this bag until they come out with the FlightCrew 6.

See here for a review.


bellroy Card Pocket

I tried out wallets like the Machine Era and Slim Fold but the one that stood out as the most practical slim wallet was the bellroy Card Pocket.
It carries coins too so I stopped carrying a separate coin case.
Pasmo (metro card) works without taking it out so its super convenient on trains.
I use it everyday other than on rare occasions that I’m wearing a suit.

See here for a review. 


Quad Lock iPhone Case

This is the iPhone case I use when I’m riding my bike.
I like how attaching to and detaching from your bike is super easy and how it keeps that handle bar sleek.
I used it today too when I rode to Monzennakacho to eat some ramen and the case worked like a charm like always.
There are a lot of smartphone mounts in the market so I am glad I was able to find the Quad Lock early on.

See here for a review. 


Casio Pro Trek PRW 7000

Looks cool and full of functions.
I don’t have to worry about it breaking, getting dirty, losing time, or it stopping.
I wear it everyday other than on rare occasions that I’m wearing a suit.

See here for a review.


Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

This is an autobiography by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike.
It’s enjoyable as not only a business book but the story itself is thrilling and exciting.
There were a lot of things I didn’t know about Nike (ex. Nike started off by selling Onitsuka Tiger Shoes in the US).
It changed the way I viewed Nike and other companies like Adidas, Onitsuka Tiger and Sojitz.


Ego is the Enemy – Ryan Holiday

I just finished reading this book but I wish I had read it 10 years ago when I started working.
It is a common belief that things like ideas, charisma and enthusiasm leads to success, but actually these things get in the way of it.
The only way to success is to get rid of your ego and just do the work.
The book introduces ideas that are common sense but hard to actually implement and supports those ideas with quotes from many people.
It’s not took late, I want to live a life without ego, that’s what I felt after reading the book.


Peak Design Everyday Backpack

The search for the best backpack ended with the arrival of the Everyday Backpack.
It’s the best.
If I hadn’t quit my job, I probably wouldn’t have been browsing Kickstarter.
If I hadn’t browsed Kickstarter, I probably wouldn’t have known about the Everyday Backpack.
Thinking about it that way, it kind of makes me feel I made the right choice leaving my job.
The Everyday Backpack shall be the King of Backpacks until the Everyday Backpack 2 arrives.

See here for a review.


Peak Design Everyday Sling

The Everyday Backpack was the main dish and the Sling was supposed to be the side dish.
But I’m actually using the Everyday Sling more often because it’s not that I carry my laptop around everyday.
Thanks to the Everyday Sling, it’s become a routine for me to carry my camera around wherever I go.
I can see the Everyday Sling being the King of Slings for a long time to come.

See here for a review.


2016 whattodotomorrow Award

Now for the hard part, choosing the whattodotomorrow Award from this list.

Today, I rode my bike to Monzennakacho to eat some ramen.
As usual, I threw my camera, tripod, gloves, sunglasses in my Everyday Sling and off I was.
In the past, I wouldn’t have taken my camera with me if I was just going out for some ramen.
It would just be a hassle to carry around.
It’s not just with cameras.
Many things are easier to carry now with the Everyday Backpack and Sling.
It is awesome to have things with you, when you want to use them.
Packing for the next day, thinking about what you’ll be doing tomorrow is so much fun now.

The Everyday Backpack and Sling are bags that bring that simple fun to everyday life and that resonates with the whattodotomorrow concept of “Things that make tomorrow, more fun“.

The 2016 whattodotomorrow Award goes to the Everyday Backpack and Everyday Sling!

I hope you enjoyed!
See you in 2017!

2016 whattodotomorrow award peakdesign

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