COTE&CIEL ISARAU Sling Bag – Review

cote&ciel isarau

Sling Bag with a unique design, ISARAU

This is a bag that I bought around two years ago and sometimes use.

Cote&Ciel is known for their one of a kind design backpack, ISAR.

I was never interested in the ISAR; too many people have it and the design is too unique for my taste.

The ISARAU is not as strange looking and the size was ideal so I decided to get it.

The ISARAU comes in different iterations that use different materials.

I got the Raw Blue Denim version.

When I use a sling, I end up choosing the Peak Design Sling 5L so the ISARAU doesn’t get used as much.

Nonetheless, I think it is a well designed bag.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L – A Review

Slim Design and Functional Pockets

When the ISARAU is not packed full, it is pretty slim.

It has three pockets:

  1. Large pocket
    • You can fit things like JOBYs and foldable umbrellas
    • It expands pretty far so you can also fit water bottles
  2. Main pocket
    • You can fit a book and a tablet (9.7 inch)
    • It’s pretty big
    • There’s an inner pocket with a magnetic flap to contain small items
  3. Hidden pocket
    • Fits wallets and smartphones
    • Can’t access from the outside so perfect for valuables



It’s not made for Cameras

That’s not what it’s designed for.

I tend to use sling bags when I don’t need a backpack but still need something that would fit a camera and some other extra things.

The Peak Design Sling 5L is perfect for that, so the ISARAU ends up staying at home.

Regardless, I think the ISARAU is a well designed bag, and if you don’t need to carry a camera, it might be the right bag for you.

isarau on body

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