Airpods Sponge Earpads Mod

airpods sponge case

Airpods are great! But I’m afraid they’ll fall out of my ears…

I recently bought the second generation Airpods that came out.

The Airpods are more convenient compared to the Sony WF1000X that I own in the following areas:

sony wf1000x

  • Connects to iPhones and MacBooks faster
  • Connection is stable
  • No sound lag when watching videos
  • Batteries last longer
  • Battery case is smaller

It’s great!

On the other hand, the Sony wins in the following areas:

  • Fits better in the ear
  • Better noise isolation (The Sonys have noise cancellation)

Regarding the fit, the Airpods won’t fall out easily from my ears, but it doesn’t provide the fit that the canal Sonys provide, and I just feel worried that the Airpods will fall out for some reason.

Regarding noise isolation, the Airpods are open air and they are not made to prevent outside sound from getting in.

It’s great in quiet environments, but not so good in noisy places such as trains and planes.

I put on some sponge earpads to improve both the fit and noise isolation, and so far, its working well.


Bought Sponge Earpads on Amazon

First, I got my hands on some sponge earpads.

sponge earpads

You can get them on Amazon for about 500 JPY.

The ones that I got are:

12組(24個)イヤークッション 高弾性 耐久性 スポンジ製 イヤーパッド 交換用 ヘッドセット イヤホン用 (黒)


If you put the earpads on as they are, they will cover the sensors on the Airpods.

You will have to cut holes around the two sensors so that they work properly.

airpods sponge hole

Burning a hole through the sponge using a heated screwdriver didn’t work for me, so I used a pair of embroidery scissors.


I was worried that the battery cash won’t close with the earpads on but they work, no problem.


Significant improvement with fit, noise isolation improves a bit!

The fit has improved significantly.

I feel pretty confident that they will not be falling off any time soon.

Noise isolation didn’t improve as much but there is a little improvement.

Can’t complain with just a 500 JPY investment!



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