LVMH buys Rimowa

LVMH buys Rimowa

LVMH to acquire 80% stake in Rimowa

Big news for carry-on lovers!

According to CNBC’s article, LVMH, who owns high end brands like Louis Vuitton, announced that it was going to acquire 80% stake of Rimowa.
The remaining 20% will stay with the grandson of the founder of Rimowa.
He’ll stay at Rimowa to operate the company along with the son (24!) of the CEO of LVMH.

What’s important to us is what’s going to become of Rimowa under LVMH ownership.
I personally don’t think we’ll be seeing radical changes soon.
I would assume that they’ll be going after a different customer base then the Louis Vuitton travel bags.
For that reason, I don’t think they’ll up the prices too quickly.

I just wish that they’d bring back the 2 wheelers.
Louis Vuitton has them, there’s no reason why Rimowa can’t!




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