PRO TREK PRW−7000 – The Adventure Watch

Pro Trek PRW-7000 sideways

If you’re like me and wear a suit on the weekdays and dress down on the weekends, you probably have different watches or the weekday and for the weekend.

For me, the perfect weekend watch is something that looks cool without having to worry about breaking it.

For 10 years, that watch for me had been the SUUNTO Vector.

suunto vector
It’s an outdoor watch legend known for its functionality. Sad news is that its been discontinued.

Now that I quit my job, everyday is like a weekend and so all of a sudden I found myself using the weekend watch more and more.
So I went looking around to see what was in the market these days and I found a really cool looking one.

Maybe looks better than the SUUNTO…




The watch that caught my eye was the PRO TREK PRW-7000.


I just had to get it….


My impression of a Pro Trek watch is something very gadgety, something I personally wouldn’t use as an everyday watch.
Not the PRW-7000.

It’s got a minimalist kind of look to it, and at the same time has all the functionality of a Pro Trek.
What more can you ask for right?

It’s a watch that screams for adventure!

Looks cool even in the dark. 


One set back is that it’s got too many functions! I can’t seem to remember all of them!


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