Prada 2VZ019 Backpack Review


Prada 2VZ019 Backpack, Updated Version of the Iconic V136

I’ve been using the Prada 2vz019 as my everyday backpack since December 2020.

The full model number is 2VZ019_973_F0002_V_OOL (the version I have is not the recycled nylon version).

The bag is currently being sold for 319,000 JPY in Japan.

No backpack would be able to justify that price tag in terms of utility so most of the value is self satisfaction. 

When discussing the merits of this bag or any other brand backpack, one needs to remove cost from the discussion and assess based on pure utility of the bag.

In this post, I will be laying down what I like and don’t like about the Prada 2VZ019.


What I Like About the Prada 2VZ019

  • The bag is large but light
  • The width between the two straps towards the shoulders is narrow so the straps don’t roll off the shoulders
  • Straps are wide which makes the bag easy on the shoulders
  • Silver parts provide subtle bling
  • The bag has just the right amount of pockets
  • Needs some getting used to but you can make the bag stand on its own

I especially like the layout of the pockets. 

Perfect layout of the pockets + How good the bag feels when carrying + self satisfaction = The reason I am choosing this bag as my everyday bag

How I use the pockets:

Top lid: Gloves and hand towels (easy access to these items when you need them)

Main Compartment: PC, notebooks, cables, etc.

Side Pocket: Compact umbrella

Front pockets: There are two pockets on the front so I fill the one that is easier to access with things that I use often like earbuds, card keys, etc. and the other side with things that I use less such as pens and business cards.

The front pockets on this bag are great because you can access them by keeping one strap on one shoulder and slinging the bag in front of you. 

There is a small zip pocket in the main compartment that you can use to store passports and important items that you may want to secure. 

The pocket is on the back side so the things you can put in there will be limited though.

I’ve found USB sticks to be fine.  

What I Don’t Like About the Prada 2VZ019

Honestly, there isn’t much that I don’t like about the bag. 

For urban use, the bag is holding up just fine and is still very clean.

The 2VZ019 is built more sturdier than its predecessor V136 so when I got the bag it stood on its own easily.

As it got broken in, it’s been slouching down more when I put it on the ground.

If Prada figures out a way to address that issue, then I have no complaints with the bag.



In the past I purchased a Louis Vuitton backpack and had the worst experience that I every had with a backpack. 

Compared with that backpack, the Prada 2VZ019 is built for everyday use in mind and is simply a good backpack.

If you’re in the market for a high-brand backpack, this should be a serious contender to put on your list!

2 Responses to “Prada 2VZ019 Backpack Review

  • Hi there,

    as you mention the V136. I want to say there used to be two different sizes for this bag. One person in the Internet wrote the 2VZ019 is smaller than the V136, can you confirm that?


    • Hey Mike,

      I’m speaking from memory but I remember the person at Prada mentioning that they did trim the size down a bit on the 2VZ019 to make it more it more practical for everyday use.
      The 2VZ019 is definitely more structured and firm so that also may cause the bag to look a little more compact than its predecessor.
      Still, the 2VZ019 is a rather large backpack and the difference in size shouldn’t be much of a concern IMO.

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