You can get supplements really cheap on iHerb! They ship to Japan too!

get supplements cheap on iherb

I buy a lot of stuff directly from the US and the services that I use most are:

AMAZON US and iHerb.

Today, I’m writing about iHerb!


Buying supplements in Japan is mottainai! How to buy supplements at a discount!

Supplements that I use

I’ve been restricting the amount of carbs that I take and my weight has dropped from 55kg to 51kg in a month.
That’s pretty steep so I’ve been taking supplements as a safety measure to prevent malnutrition.

The supplements that I am taking now are all natural and high quality:

  • Mega Food Ultra C-400 (vitamin C)
  • Mega Food Balanced B Complex (vitamin B)
  • Spirulina Pacifica

Mega Food Spirulina Pacifica

If you try to get these, or similar kinds of natural vitamins in Japan, they are really expensive.


Buy supplements directly from the US using iHerb

US is like that mecca of supplements, so the selection from which you can choose from is massive.
You’ll find products that you can’t get in Japan.

They’re also very affordable. I’d say they’re about half of what they would cost in Japan.

For example, the supplements that I buy cost around:

  • Mega Food Ultra C-400 ($27)
  • Mega Food Balanced B Complex ($30)
  • Spirulina Pacifica ($25)

Buying online from a different country can be worrisome. 

  • Don’t you have to be able to speak English?
  • Will it arrive?
  • Aren’t shipping costs expensive?
  • Won’t they steal my credit card info?

iHerb is like buying stuff online in Japan:

  • Don’t you have to be able to speak English? => You can choose Japanese!
  • Will it arrive? => I’ve used iHerb more that 10 times and they deliver in about a week every time. No issues!
  • Aren’t shipping costs expensive? => It’s only $4. It’s free for orders over $40!
  • Won’t they steal my credit card info? => The risk is the same when shopping online in Japan. You should always use a credit card instead of a debit card, just in case.

Orders are delivered in boxes like this.
Always neatly packed.

iHerb box

Buying on iHerb is fun!

Being able to buy US supplements from the convenience of your home in Japan, really has value.

It’s even more fun just searching for interesting products.

for example, I recently purchased some organic toothpaste and mouthwash.

jason toothpaste mouthwash

Also some sun block with not so much artificial ingredients.

Proteins and amino acids are also cheap in the US.

It’s too bad they don’t have Aleppo soap.


First time users of iHerb get a special discount!

Go to the iHerb website from this link and use the following code when you check out to get a $5 discount!




4 Responses to “You can get supplements really cheap on iHerb! They ship to Japan too!

  • Hello,
    This article is really helpful. I’m a foreigner living in Japan. Is there any way to order goods without a credit card? Because I have seen some people order goods from the convenient stores as well.


    • I’m glad the article was useful! Japan rocks but with regards to supplements, the US is light years ahead in my opinion.
      I believe iHerbs accepted PayPal as another means of payment besides credit cards!

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    Great article !

    Don’t you have to pay some customs clearance when ordering from Japan ?


    • Thanks!

      Not if it’s under 16,666 JPY!
      I usually keep it even below that to avoid any hassle.

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