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english resume template

I was asked to submit an English Resume to a recruiter the other day so I made a template out of it.
You can download it from the link towards the end of this post!


Most important thing when writing an English Resume

English resumes, sometimes referred to as CV’s are different from Japanese resumes in that they are not required to be in a specific format.
However, there are general practices that you can follow which can help you prepare a resume that will come natural to the reader.

The most critical point in writing an English resume is to make it as easy as possible for the reader to read.

First, let’s go through the “don’ts”.


Turn “don’ts” into “dos”

  • full of long sentences
  • full of adjectives and doesn’t explain exactly what you accomplished
  • doesn’t describe what’s in it for the company if they hire you

Instead of the above, you should:

  • full of long sentences=> use short sentences. Break up sentences into lists where possible
  • full of adjectives and doesn’t explain exactly what you accomplished=> try to describe exactly what you accomplished. Use numbers where possible
  • doesn’t describe what’s in it for the company if they hire you=> write from the view of the employer.”I have such and such experience so I can do this and that. Therefore, I can be of help to the company in such and such way”. Tell a story in that order and there is no way they won’t hire you.


My three tips when writing an English resume

  • Narrow down your strengths to 3-5 points and put that in the beginning as a summary
  • Using real life episodes and numbers, elaborate on those strengths
  • Fit everything into one page. Use the second page to list other experiences and out of work activities

As for the first tip, bringing a summary up at the top will ensure that the reader will look at your strengths.
If you could leave an impression there, the odds that the reader will read on will go up dramatically.
The important thing here is to narrow down your strengths to 3-5 key ones.

Regarding the second tip, describe exactly what it is that you accomplished in relation with the strengths that you summarized.
Use numbers such as how much sales you were able to drive, how much cost you were able to reduce, how many hours were you able to cut and so on.

And for the third tip, it’s good to keep in mind that the reader has to go through hundreds of similar resumes.
Keeping it compact will be good for the reader and that will be good for you.
It’s more about quality than quantity. Less is more.
Focus on your key strengths and brush up the writing.


I made an English Resume Template!

I made a template out of the resume that I submitted the other day.

Feel free to download!

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